A Resource For Planning A Local Cash Mob

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The most likely candidate to host a Cash Mob, will be a local independent business owner. It may be someone who has been a part of the neighborhood for many years and is struggling to compete with some of the national chain stores. It could be a merchant who's location has been overlooked, yet their services and products are exceptional.

Once a specific business is decided upon, the owner will be made aware of the scheduled Cash Mob. Then the organizers will spread the word via Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms. All invited will be expected to share the news with their friends and Social Media connections.

Everyone will be given the exact location and will be expected to pass this along to all the individuals that they influence. It's important that every opportunity is taken to announce this special event and that the entire local community has an opportunity to visit the chosen business during the time of the Cash Mob.

Cash Mobs are usually scheduled to occur during the course of a specific day. Many times they are given a 4 to 5 hour window, so that the good folks that are attending can catch up on local gossip and just plain old friendly neighborhood conversations. Also, the merchant can experience the feeling of appreciation, with so many in attendance.

Being able to create and schedule a Cash Mob rebuilds the often lost, feeling that Small Businesses are what has made America great. Local merchants hire from the community and they also contribute in many ways. It's been very difficult these past few years to survive as a small business and the Cash Mob mentality, just makes everyone that's involved...FEEL GOOD.

The power of Social Media is the primary force behind the Cash Mob idea. Today, through the connections of Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text Messages...we are able to communicate and share the energy that comes from doing something good for the community and our neighborhood merchants. If everyone that gets involved, shares with their friends and family...the results can really be rather spectacular.