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A Cash Mob is a group of citizens from a neighborhood who have decided to show their support for a local business or organization with their presence and their pocketbook. It's usually an event that is scheduled to take place in their neighborhood, at a particular location and time. The purpose is to show appreciation to a local business which has often either been forgotton or over looked for their past community contribution. Most of the participants have been notified through a Social Media mention or by Word Of Mouth. It's not political, corporate, or religion based. It's just local folks getting together and spending $20 (give or take a few bucks) at a nearby business that may have been a victim of some economic misfortune. It promotes neighborly conversation, shows appreciation to the local businesses, and just makes everyone feel genuinely good for a moment.

So...What's a Cash Mob?

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Cash Mob Details

Location... Air Waves of Ohio 464 Main Street Wellsville, Ohio 43968  (Click Here For Directions)  

Date... Saturday, April 14th

Time... Starts at 1:00pm...Goes till 5:00pm

Required... A smile and a few dollars

Extras... A taste of wine, a sampling of cheese and shopping. Special prices on all Wellsville Tiger apparel and novelties.


Directions to "Air Waves Of Ohio"

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The 'CASH MOB' phenomena is sweeping America. Local Neighborhoods are experiencing a re-direction of appreciation to Small Business owners who desperately need their patronage during these difficult economic conditions. If you or someone you know is thinking about organizing a Cash Mob, we can help, by providing planning resources and a FREE landing page (Like this one ) for promoting on various Social Media sites.